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our services:

drawing acquisition of existing buildings as a basis for further operations.

we can differentiate between three levels of accuracy:

accuracy-level I 

simple documentation


click for example:
click here for example level I

accuracy-level II

approximately realistic

click for example:
click here for example level II

accuracy-level III

realistic survey
(1:50 bis 1:20)

click for example:
click here for example level III

with the used tachymeter- survey- technique
we can guarantee accuracy-level III

you can choose between CAD-survey
or a pencil drawing on tracing paper or card.

the measuring system is the same.
It is important to know that the plans are drawn on site,
only touch -ups are made at the office.

We prefer the CAD-based survey,
because the architectural further development
(draft, preconstruction drawing, working drawing) is simplified on this base.

for emergency- surveys of buildings to be wrecked
we prefer a pencil-survey.


on-site survey with tachymeter and laptop

 (here: vaulted cellar)

Feel free to request our free modelplan - portfolio!


Buildings 20th century

Townhall complex, about 10.8000 sq.yd. (Langen bei Frankfurt)

Production facility for porous concrete, about 12.000 sq.yd. (Feuchtwangen)

Buildings 19th century

Rothschild's garden house, about 480 sq.yd. (Frankfurt/M)

Period of promoterism-house, Eschenstraße, about 920 sq.yd. (Nuremberg)

Buildings 18th century

Prot. church in Niederissigheim/Hessen
Prot. church in Eichen/Hessen
Church tower in Langenselbold/Hessen
Golfclub Hof Hausen vor der Höhe/near Kelkheim- Vordertaunus
Prot. church in Marköbel/Hessen

Prot. church in Ravolzhausen/Hessen
Molsberg, Palace`s chapel/Hessen
Gelnhausen, prot. palace`s chapel/Hessen
Baroque building, Joh.Seb.Bachplatz/Ansbach

Buildings 12th to 17th century

Ornbau, Altstadt 26/Bavaria  (14.-18. century)

Arnsburg, romanic abby`s ruin/Hessen

Leutershausen, Untere Marktgasse 3/Bavaria (14.-19 century)

Babenhausen, Amtsgasse 31/Hessen (16. century)

Büdingen, Altstadt 6/Hessen (15. century)

Hanau-Steinheim, Harmoniestr. 20/22/Hessen  (17. century)

Hanau-Steinheim, Kirchstr. 15/Hessen  (17. century)

Hanau-Großauheim, Neutorstraße 14/Hessen  (17. century)

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