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For public relation measures

e.g. fairs of the building-branche or events
featuring the preservation of ancient buildings
the described exhibition can be rented completely or partially:

 “The house in model”

Glentleiten/Allgäu 1997
bavarian land bureau for conservation of
historic monuments, Thierhaupten 1998

Exhibited are in chronological order the historical buildings
of the hessian and southern- german area
between the 13th and the beginning of the 16th century:
Multi-storied urban tradehouses, rustic rural small residential buildings,
as well as representative buildings of municipal and ecclesiastical administration.

All of them are constructed out of the building material wood,
however, there is a big difference in constructive details.
Aside from plain wood saving constructions and
buildings with luxurious designed facades,
regionally distincted hybrid forms are common.

The exhibition was assembled for the first time in 1993
and shows 23 exhibits of the following types:
Beam-and column construction, Frame construction,
”Frackdach”-house, jura-house, “Umgebinde”- construction,
lower German hallhouse, whole-hip-roof

The traveling exhibition has formerly been presented
one- two times a year, for example in:

1994 open-air museum Kleinlosnitz/Bavaria

1994 Nuremberg, trade fair grounds, booth: “Union of German carpenters”

1995 open-air museum Blankenhain/Sachsen

1995 “EIWA” Bisterschied/ Rhineland-Palatinate +seminars “building with loam”

1996 “Day of the open monument” in collaboration with a hessian town
+ recitals and guided tours

1997 Open-air museum Glentleiten/Allgau, special exhibition “building with wood”
of the bavarian department of farming

1998 bavarian land bureau for the conservation of historic monuments,
building archive, Thierhaupten/Augsburg

2001 “Day of the open monument”, in collaboration with a bavarian town
+ recitals and guided tours

Exhibition list with declaration of the year of edification

Modell Nr.   Erbauungsjahr
19 Amorbach, templar house 1291
7 Frankfurt/M., Schellgasse 1291
10 Überlingen, Luciengasse 1314
18 Bad Windsheim, Pfarrgasse 21 1355
5 Wetzlar, Brodschirn 1356
14 Höfstetten, farmhouse 1367
13 Eichstätt, Rebdorferstr. 1367
20 Alsfeld, Hersfelderstraße 1375
16 Bad Windsheim, Prell's barn 1398
12 Dinkelsbühl, Nördlingerstr. um 1400
17 Bad Windsheim, K.-Förster-Gasse 1421
2 Bad Hersfeld, sacristan's house 1452
11 Nördlingen, furrier's house 1425-27
4 Grebenstein, Hochzeitsberg 1429
24 Mosbach, salt house um 1450
15 Wickstadt, gate tower vor 1450
22 Großen-Linden, vicarage 1452
9 Sindelfingen, Burggasse um 1466/70
21 Fritzlar, Markt 22 um 1470
23 Oppau,  farm house vor 1500
8 Reinheim, Kirchstraße 15.JH
3 Kassel, Martinsplatz um 1500
1 Alsfeld, town hall 1512-16

detailed information for items on loan/ exhibitions

accessories for the exhibition included per exhibit:

 1 basis 8”/8”/40”, including foot and pedistal, particalboard, painted light grey;

1 text- photoboard 24”/40” cm (black and white on Forex- board),
mounted with 2 hooks on the upper border, partical board, painted lightgrey.
The historical black-and-white photographs are showing the buildings
deliberately in an unimpressing, non- renovated condition.

 Required space per exhibit:

About 5 ft. space per model with wall in back (or partition wall).
Alternatively the textboard may be hung from the ceiling,.

rental rate per exhibit:

25,- EUR per model and month 

transport, assembly/ dissassembly and insurance are borne by the exhibitor

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