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from saving a to be demolished building from 1803.......
..........there is a long way to its reconstruction

the new location in Leutershausen

the stages until moving in:

renaturation in Einbeckhausen

two transports to bavaria

temporary storage

parts of the oakwood-constructions have been put up again

builder's treat

the building was extended on the backside with a massive add-on
containing staircase, bathrooms and installations.

a significant part of the interior work was performed by owner's personal contribution.

nogging of the compartments and the wall behind it with claybricks,
installation with solar plant, designed bathrooms,
period of promoterism-replica tiles in the lobby

roofing of the building with historical flat-tale tiles

the backside

some numbers regarding the building:

enclosed space: about 917 cu.yd.
living-effective area: about 1400 sq.ft.
building costs: about 120.000 EUR
owner's personal contribution: about 2.000 hours

another condemned house built in 1688 waiting for reconstruction

some facts:

most recent location of the building: Hanau-Steinheim, Kirchstr. 15
double-ailed oak-framework with 3 areas, single-storey building
currently warehoused in Bamberg, Germany

feel free to request our free information portfolio with plans and alteration draft

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